Hi! I'm Ania Kruk

graphic designer and jewellery maker
Creative director at Ania Kruk fashion jewellery brand.

In a way it all started in 1840 when my great grand-father founded a small goldsmith workshop in Poznan, Poland. The goldsmith workshop (and in time: a little jewellery shop) passed from generation to generation, surviving a great number of twists and turns on its way, with World War II and the Communist Era in the background. In the 70's my father, Wojciech Kruk took over the workshop, and after the fall of the communist system, transformed it into a modern company. The company, called W.Kruk became the largest chain of exclusive jewellery stores in Poland.

Yeah, you got it right: I'm talking about almost 200 years of family tradition here.

And there's another twist. 2012: that's the moment when my brother & I, the 5th generation in business, go on stage. We join forces and created from a scratch a brand new company called Ania Kruk. He's responsible for the business part, while I take care of the creative side: jewellery design, graphics, web and marketing.

Together, we write a new chapter in the same book.

Visit our website and online shop >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> www.aniakruk.pl

Emotions, colours & fun!

We don't like anonymous products and brands that consist of only a logo and a few marketing guidelines. We think that everything has it's story, and that story is worth telling. Emotions, personal approach and passion - that's what's behind ANIA KRUK. It's not un anonymous product, it's as personal as it can get: carefully designed (by me in collaboration with experienced goldsmiths), handcrafted in local small workshops, in our company run by me & my brother.

That's nothing new - you'd say. Designers have run boutiques since forever. Ok, but the thing is: we do it better. We do it more affordably. We work with different materials, like silicone, leather, brass, and gemstones - to show you that jewelry is fun, that you don't need gold and diamonds to have fashionable, quality jewellery. We have fun creating it for you. We hope you'll have fun wearing it!

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